7 Ways to Share Files between iPhone and PC

7 Ways to Share Files between iPhone and PC

File sharing between iPhone and PC can be realised through various methods, each of which has its own features and usage scenarios. Here are some common methods:

1. Use iTunes

2. Using iCloud

3. Using Email

4. Use third-party cloud storage services

5. Use file transfer apps

6. Use AirDrop (for those who own a Mac)

Although AirDrop is Apple's internal solution, it doesn't support Windows PCs. but it's a very convenient and fast way for cross-device (between iOS devices and Macs) file sharing.

7. Use tempdrive.zip or a similar service


  1. Uploading files: Visit file.io or a similar site and upload the files you need to share. The upload process is usually very simple, just drag and drop the file or select the file to upload.
  2. Share Link: After the file is uploaded, the service generates a unique link. You can send this link to the person who needs the file.
  3. Download file: the recipient downloads the file by accessing this link. Depending on the service, the file is automatically deleted from the server after a certain period of time or after it has been downloaded a certain number of times.