How To Transferring Large Files via Email

Transferring large files via email

Transferring large files via email usually runs into an attachment size limit set by the email service provider. To get around this limit, you can take the help of temporary file sharing services like These services allow you to upload files to the cloud and generate a temporary link that you can share via email to those who need it. Here is a simple tutorial on how to use such services:

1. Temporary file sharing using


  1. Visit the website: Open in your browser.
  2. Upload a file: Click the "Upload" button on the page to select the file you want to share, or drag and drop the file into the browser window to upload it.
  3. Get Link: After the file is uploaded successfully, the website will automatically generate a temporary link. Copy this link.
  4. Share by Email: open your email client or service, create a new email, paste the link you just copied into the body of the email, fill in the recipient's address, and send the email.


Other similar services:


Using a temp file sharing service like is a very practical way to bypass email restrictions on attachment sizes and share large files efficiently. These services are usually very easy to use and don't require the recipient to have an account or install specific software; simply clicking on the link to download the file is very convenient. However, be careful to consider the privacy of the file as well as the security of the service.